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A centralized RollCall attendance system in manufacturing ensures fair and accurate Overtime calculations , Shift assignments based on organization work rules. Integration with PayRoll is optional.

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Our Integrated Rollcall systems connected with security access control helps safety. Easy in tracking shits and OT/Extra hours worked by staff.


They track employee attendance, hours worked, and ensure accurate payments while minimizing errors and disputes.


Helps Schools to keep track of student attendance and notify parent with the use of sophisticated messaging tools Whatsapp, SMS..


Automated systems prevent fraud & improves accountability by eliminating manual punch, Tailgating , ensuring transparent employee participation.


Our tool enhances remote monitoring and minimizes the chance of pay errors or discrepancies (Wage Reports).


Our Rollcall tool minimizes corporate HR Role / efforts to reconcile attendnace at the end of the month. Helps keep organization leave rules in place with email notificatios and Employee portal.


Rollcall allows employers to track employee site visits and monitor their performance with Rollcall App in Android & iOS.


These systems are crucial in construction to accurately track employee hours and ensure precise salary payments.

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Track Employee Attendance, Leave, OT,Working Hours & Productivity.


Deploy Your Organization in the Cloud For Ultimate Data Flexibility

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On Premise Architecture with cloud like Flexibility

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RollCall Attendance is a web-based attendance management software. It is widely used among the manufacturing industries, hotel businesses, schools, health care centres and offices to streamline the attendance reports of their employees in a seamless manner. The software is compatible with leading biometric devices, enabling its users to keep a check on the working hours of their employees and manage their payroll accordingly.

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Manual attendance and leave tracking is time-consuming, error-prone, and resource-intensive, leading organizations to opt for efficient automated systems.


A centralized rollcall system in manufacturing ensures fair compensation, accurate records, and automates attendance tracking, replacing error-prone manual methods.


Manual attendance and payroll tracking's drawbacks lead to the widespread use of automated systems, especially crucial in construction for precise employee hour monitoring and salary payments.


Track attendance, work hours, breaks, and leave balance for accurate payments, reduced errors, and vital monthly summaries, facilitating precise salary calculations and efficient workforce management.

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